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 Haseo Kiba

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PostSubject: Haseo Kiba   Haseo Kiba Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2009 3:21 pm

Name: Haseo Kiba

Age: 500

Visual Age: 16

Rank: Squad 10 captain

Zanpaktou: byu-tifuru,shingai (beautiful terror), rosuto kobushi ( lost samurai)

Mask: hofuku kumori, (creeping shadow)
amplifies speed,strength,and allows him to travel in the shadows casted by objects

Appearance: Avatar

Background: he was killed at the age 16 when his boat sank to the bottom of the ocean as the boat crashed he was carried of to the soul society where he was guided to the soul reaper academy where he would train to become a soul reaper after he graduated from the academy he was put into squat ten where he didnt receive such a warm welcome he was ridiculed by the captain every chance he got then one day he decided to train hard to beat him the day came where he would challenge him but one of his fellow squad members decided to help him as well he trained him day and night till the day came that the man who had trained him revealed himself as a vaizord shocked and amazed by the display of strength he asked him to turn him into a vaizord so he willingly let his soul chain be cut as the process went on it finally came down to where he found himself face to face with his inner hollow he fought for control and won he went on to challenge the captain as soon as the battle began it was over he finished it without even using his mask he took his place as captain from that day

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Ryuu Nobu
Ryuu Nobu

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PostSubject: Re: Haseo Kiba   Haseo Kiba Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2009 3:22 pm



Hollow Form

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Haseo Kiba
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